Masquerade shot

Masquerade shot

Me in the masquerade... gosh I was so nervous... and it didn't help that i couldn't see @[email protected]

Photo taken by Clairefun from the MCM forums =]

Final Fantasy Series
Yuna / Moogle Mog
11 years ago

TinTal awesome! omg a real moogle *.* very cute ^^!

Gu-chan KAWAIIII POSE~ ^__^ <3 great costume too! ^o^

Gu-chan it cut off half my comment...=( just saying that I liked your costume basically ^^;;

Hitokiri Hime Aw, that's adorable! ^^

CrystalNeko Ooo wow! I didn't expect comments xD. Thanks guys! =D

Yuki-Chan99 hey its X-xbroken-yukix-X from gaia Im glad u did the moogle :D awesome!!

Adziu Ahhh, your moogle was adorable. You made it so cute with your body-language. I thought it might be terrifying when you posted the first pictures of it, but it turned out very sweet. Nice work!

Emobunny2007 SO Kawaii! Be sure to take loads of piccys adn give loads of hugs! I like hugs! SO does my chocobo plush! =D


Komapsunida wow! you're adorable!! will you come to the London MCM in May?? <3

CrystalNeko Oh! I never know when people comment on my pictures! xD; Thank you all for the kind comments! ^-^ @Emobunny: I'm so upset I couldn't see you! D= I wanted your chocobo plushie! XDDD and to see everyone in the FF meet up T-T @Komapsunida: Yup yup I'm going to the expo in May! =D... hopefully both days ^-^

miku_suzumiya awwwwKAWAII!in kingdom hearts at treverse town i follow the moggle there for bout 3 minutesXD

Rochana so cute! I might make my cousin that costume for halloween!

Badkitty4960 your costume looks great how did you make it, it's amazing!

CrystalNeko Thank you for the kind comments!!! I wrote up how I made it in the description [ ] - although I think I need to rewrite it because I wrote it 2 years ago and it sounds ridiculously n00by eheh heh... Any specific questions then please feel free to PM me~