golden eyes

golden eyes

my new finished costume. The bangs are just a little bit to long. I try to cut it and if its okay it will by perfect.

I can't wait to wear it next week on connichi *o*

Kardis, the goddess of destruction
Record of Lodoss War
Kardis, the goddess of destruction
11 years ago

Yunato Wah! Interesting cosplay^^

Su Ying siehst super aus . hast du theater make up benutz?

-Naraku- @su ying yes... it was simple golden theater make up and gold leaf

Airika WOW. *loss for words* >.<

Furosuto O.o omg i love you! this is so GENIAL!!! ^__^

Kirschli Whoooooooooa! O_O Naru i love you! This wiiiiiiiiiiiig! *_____________________* great

chiisaiSaku wow, was für ne geniale Perücke und das Make-up ist grandios *_*

RobotPenguin Awsome!! Record of Lodoss War has great character art.

RoxyDirKaoru COOLNESS! *_*

Psyposer OH MY! you look awesome!! your costumes are always precious! i'll look foward to see more of this costume of you ^^~

Dante-san *o* aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh so awesome!!!!

VisualGoth ... *speak less* wonderful

HaruVamp gonna be totally awesome ma dear ^.~ huggieees*-*

C-chan Your eyes are scary^^ Love your wig.

sephygoth mmmmmmmmmmmm lodoss war rock as of now

tora-san you look awesome (although I have to admit that your eyes look scary in cause of the contacts ^^;;)

Freak!! his is so GENIAL!!!*speak less* and this wig....great....

ChibiManda I am so excited that someone did Kardis :) Great job!!