w/ Burger king Cloud

w/ Burger king Cloud
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Ronald McSephiroth
Ronald McSephiroth
11 years ago

this_chick25 Oh, this is GOLDEN!!! ...no pun intended...

Nekko_Rikku So funny! Oh doesn't Cloud look happy!!! You guys make the best couple!! *yaoi fangirl* ^^

FelixBluesy I have to say this is the most creative use of Final Fantasy and McDonald's all crushed into one love child.. simply brilliant.. X"D

Chocobo_Sisters I know that Cloud!! lmao!! Awsome idea for Sephiroth!!

ManaFromHeaven O.M.G. You are made of purw win *falls over laughing*

weskerlicious FINAL FANTASY+FAST FOOD=EPIC WIN I wanna see happy meal toys made out of you guys!

manime OMG. ...Another comment from meh. But BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love your ideas. So original! D= I wouldn't want his burgers...nope...

BlueBerry_Witch Okay this gives me MORE reason to be terrified of clowns and Ronald McDonald. 1000000 points for you.

visualspice Hahahaha, awesome.

Animangafreak Man that is HILARIOUS! Both Sephiroth AND especially Cloud! Cloud looks awesome in the BurgerKing crown XD

AxelisMyHomeboy OMG. This costume is awesomely epic. Great job on it, I love it! lol. It's so funny!!!

Hiroky OMG! LOL!!

Allison Dude.......you......I..... i love you

FalcoGirl<3 You should of carried around a giant fake french fry as a sword. X'DD

crimsonbeauty You guys need somebody to be Wendy's. Wendy's rules. hahahhahahah :]