What, no guns?

What, no guns?

Some gun mages we are. We didn't have time to make guns for AmeCon, so a pose to get around the lack of props!

I updated my Yuna costume - finally added the silver bits to the boots, and I also decided to replace the blue sections of the skirt with a more accurate colour.

My Rikku costume is entirely new. Skirt's constructed the same way as my Yuna one; instead of draping layers, the blue and yellow curves are sewn together to make a single layer and it's lined with a layer of plain yellow. I made the top from lycra so that it would match my gloves (I failed at dyeing a pair of gloves, so decided to sew my own). Lycra wasn't the easiest choice - I had to interface it in order to hem the circle cutout, and adding the bias tape was a pain. Also had a tough time making removeable bootcovers, but I'm pleased with the whole costume and all its many many bright colours

Rikku - me
Yuna - summoner_eilidh (kindly wearing my costume to complete the group)
Paine - Odangochan

Photo by Pudding Pie

Rikku, Yuna & Paine Gun Mages
Final Fantasy X-2
Rikku Gun Mage
Rikku Gun Mage - Final Fantasy X-2
12 years ago

pixiekitty You guys are adorable!

maggifan you girls look so cool!


Nekko_Rikku RIKKU!!!! -Ahem... You guys look great!

Odangochan We shall rewear these, yes. It is so bidden. And I like this photo because despite the most ridiculous trousers EVER, my legs look nice ^_^ Damn that wig though! I have to find a way to keep it staying up!

GenderConfusedCloud You guys looked fabulous! I didn't get to see you for long, but you all looked absolutely stunning! I hope you rewear these ^^