The battle of Link's identity

The battle of Link's identity

Who will win? Place your bets now!

I am Zora Tunic Link from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
GingerAnne is Dark Link based on Legend of Zelda: the Twilight Princess

Link and Dark Link
12 years ago

GingerAnne nyum and stuff. n_n i will win because evil all ways wins over good. tah tah and ::sends kissies:: ps. i uploaded some new pics. gingie breads and stuff baked fresh each and every day. yay n_n

Kitsoru whoo, more CTcon pics! They came out so great~

Michela GingerAnne - I believe the only way that we will know for sure is if we experiment... beware that my Biggoron's Sword is ENORMOUS. Kitsoru - Aww, thanks!

neoangelwink ^_^ very hot

Michela Hehe, thanks!