Photoshop FTW!

Photoshop FTW!

I photoshopped my eyes blue and green using the Polygon lasso and Hue/Saturation. The green looks a LOT brighter than it's supposed to be, but I had to lighten it from the more natural green I wanted just so it would show up. Curse my dark dark dark eyes! The blue eye looks really nice though.

Yuna (Summoner)
Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna
Fanime 2007
13 years ago

Doctor Blind I assume you're using Photoshop, though I don't know what version - if you want to make the green more realistic yet still show up, run the dodge tool over your iris on the main layer to lighten it up and then set your green dot to color or overlay. If your pupil disappeared just draw it back on with a small black brush and maybe lower the opacity of the layer a little. Same thing for blue. If that made sense, lol. I have dark eyes too so it's a pain to photoshop. I like the fountains behind you in this shot, it's almost like they're exploding out of your staff.