Fancy a snog?

Fancy a snog?

Sora: What was <i>that</i>?
Riku: <i>That</i>, my friend, is how babies are made.

Basically, this lovely photo by Austin shows, in addition to my Star Seeker keyblade, Ginger as Riku and I as Sora being ourselves.

Riku and Sora
Kingdom Hearts II
Valor Form Sora
12 years ago

hailo The paint job onf your Star Seeker will never cease to amaze me. <3

Michela Aww, thanks! Creating the gradients was surprisingly fun. I mostly recall watching several entire days worth of British movies and miniseries while painting it. Johnathan Rhys-Myers's face is haunting my mind as I type. XD

Kitsoru Fanservice ftw! The new keyblade is kickin', are the gradients airbrushed or just carefully mixed?

HanyouKitty I may not know much about KH, but I DO know that that's a good keyblade. Very nice job! Cute pic too :P. You always look young when cosplaying Sora. Do you wear makeup? I have to try doing that with my costume ^^;.

Michela Kitsoru - Thank you! The large gradients (for example, from the dark blue to the light blue of the shaft and from white to gold on the hilt) are spray painted and the blue and white gradients on the hilt are entirely hand painted. HanyouKitty - Thank you very much! I do wear makeup for every costume, but the scheme for Sora is slightly unique to make me look younger. Apparently, it works wonders; I have heard from others that I look from 4-10 years younger than I actually am. One 14-year-old asked me how old I was when she initiated a conversation at Anime Boston and she literally scurried away immediately when I told her my age. o.O

Takuya_Havok Dude, no one makes Star Seeker! That's AMAZING. And LOL to the age thing! How DO you do it?

Takuya_Havok *it cut off part of my comment* And the snog is HOT.

Michela Aww, thank you very much, Kuroneko-chan! Regarding the age, all the makeup work that was required was a bit of strategically placed blush for a look of vibrant rosy cheeks. ^_^ It worked frighteningly well! The staff women at Otakon were all calling me "sweety" and "honey" from the moment that I walked into the convention center, as if I were a little child. XD

Crystalike I want a snog! ^o^ And lolerx, but the white stars on a blue background and your red and white cos reminds me of the American flag! *gets slapped*

Michela OMG It is Sora... IN AMERICA. I could also rationally claim that it is more similar to the Australian flag for safety reasons. ^_^

Crystalike XD. Is the IN AMERICA from Yugioh abridged? XD

Crystalike Oh yes, and did i mention I giggled like an idiot outloud when reading your reply right when my roommate walked in? XD

cealjlapointe lol i remember recording u and ginger kissing at CT and u should of seen ur faces when meg told u i was recording