Five Star Stories

Five Star Stories

This is our whole group including our handlers (they were part of the skit, too! :D )
in costume: sbjudy, AJ, Tristencitrine, Aimee, Positivespace

Best in Show and Best Anime at Comic Con 2007! EEEE!

Amaterasu, Fatima, Diver
The Five Star Stories
Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV
12 years ago

-Naraku- look sooooooooooo WOW

NiGHTmaren Those costumes are all amazing, especially the wigs and headpieces! o.o Great job!

leahhime As Hime no Toki said, I love the wigs and headpieces. You all did a spectacular job. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Arlette I can't wait to see more detailed photos of this. You ladies are hardcore.

Azrael-sama AMAZING! Seriously you guys should wear these to Fanime '08 ::pokes:: I'm already working on Fatima Chandanna, I hope my costume comes out at least half as good as all your costumes.

WindoftheStars Impressive. I can't wait to see more shots of these!

Lil_Neko-Chan DAMN! I can see why!!! Your costumes are amazing!!!