Ninja Link!

Ninja Link!

It wasn't my idea to pose like this.

Thanks for the pic Anon.

11 years ago

Catzilerella What a great shot! You look amazing, great job on the costume! So wonderful!

inu-chan00 omg!!! That Bodysuite is AMAZING! and i have no idea what to call the thing on your head but..... thats EQUALLY AMAZING/SEXY/AWSOME/SASSY.

kusogaki Your bodysuit is amazing but hooooly shit, that headpiece. I am mesmerized!

puddle_jumper Looks great! I also love how that guy in green behind you is moving at lightning speed.

Fira my god.. you did an exccellent job i cant think of anything better!

Twilit_Midna hey this pose isn't that bad! it helped me when i was making my cosplay! i want to remake it... can you help me?

Twilit_Midna oh yeah and i wanted to ask, if you used a excersise mat for the fused shadow, how did you get it to stay up as if it were solid?

Aleze The exercise mat that I used for the fused shadow was fairly thick foam so it didn't need much support. But the "horns" are backed with three layers of thin cardboard to keep them rigid.

Twilit_Midna thanks!