I used Sculpey for the eye as well as the fang which is secured with denture adhesive. The eye is actually much thicker on the outside edge so that it points more forward. I felt that lining up the eye with my real eye was important for correct appearance.

I am no longer convinced of the safety of Sculpey and other polymer clays.  Please be aware of this: http://www.mindfully.org/Plastic/Plasticizers/Polymer-Clays-Hazard-VPIRGJul02.htm

Midna in progress
11 years ago

puddle_jumper You are awesome! Thank you for posting all this stuff!

invasor_zam you are so cute =D and your midna costume is the best :D

kitten luv ....wow u have mad skillz your helmet is amazing all this time ive been stressin about making one your notes are VERY helpful any other pointers about the helmet process, any difficulties