Looking for a good time? Riku is!

Looking for a good time?  Riku is!

This glorious photo of Ginger as Riku and I as Sora was taken by Austin.

It is extremely amusing to observe our differences in mood: Riku is clearly looking for love and Sora is looking for... butterflies!

Riku and Sora
Kingdom Hearts II
Valor Form Sora
12 years ago

hailo i kinda love you and your crazy antics. like a lot, in great big chunks of love.

Michela Thank you very much! ^_^ The antics have just begun, I guarantee it!

Chibik3r0 I remember seeing you Sunday in the dealer's room at Otakon. I'm still in awe of your keyblades *_* Great job!

Mew_Pudding This is so in character, its adorable. Ooooh, Sora. These costumes are also absolutely amazing, just so you guys know. *_* Shoes are still my favorite xDD

Michela Chibik3r0: Thank you very much! You are very skillful to have been able to recognize me out of costume. ^_^ Mew_Pudding: Awww, thanks! I must agree; we remained in character to the juncture in which it became quite frightening... (it is likely because we already are quite similar to the characters, though XD) Consequently, you can very likely locate scandalous videos of Riku stealing a kiss from Sora in the Connecticon hallways on Youtube. XD

mana_blue_rose Omg, I had forgotten you cosplayed Sora til now XD You make such a great Sora! And not many people use the keyblade you're holding in that photo ;;!! Love! I miss you so much ;___;

Cloudsgrl loved seeing u and ginger at CTcon 07 ^_^ ur Valor Form rocks....im trying hard on mine but i dont know if its comming out good?..lol

Michela mana_blue_rose - Thank you! *_* Lulz, I definitely cannot forget just yet about my Sora costume; it consumed an absurd amount of time to complete and assisted in giving me a mild case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. o.O Oh Valor Sora, What you do! XD I have received many curious and often obnoxious questions about my choice of keyblades to make and I am glad that you appreciate them; they are amongst the brightest and most decorative keyblades in the game and I just love them. I mean, the Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper, and Oblivion have been made so often that I barely pay attention to any of them anymore unless they are crafted in a singularly unique way. Furthermore, none of them match the Valor Form color scheme. XD That is why Ginger's keyblades are as spectacular as they are; they were painted and carved in proportions that were sparked purely from her own creative mind, rather than the game. Cloudsgrl - Thank you very much! Sora is a surprisingly difficult costume to make - if you have any doubts, just take a break, evaluate how the costume needs to be improved, and work hard to improve it. That level of determination will certainly show in your work! Good luck! ^_^

HanyouKitty I'm still looking for photos of us at Otakon when we "crashed" photos XD. "Photocrashers! F***-this-S***-RUN!" That should be your sig lol. If you go to AAC, we'll have to get a picture of the Photocrashers group, and I'll even make a banner of it haha.

Crystalike This is so hot.

Cloudsgrl ^_^ awesome pic guys...just a question...what type of material did you use for the black straps on your pants? Thanks for all your help ^__^ -cloudsgrl