Peering over the temple bridge

Peering over the temple bridge

Clearly, being the first day after Otakon, I am inspired to finally post photos from Connecticon. XD

From left to right:
Me in my new Zora tunic Link costume from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Ginger as Dark Link, inspired by both her own design and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Link and Dark Link
12 years ago

*Shiva* Oooo awesome pic of both you guys! And nice new Link tunic - you look good in blue. ;-)

Kitsoru ahh, these pics came out great! :D

Hiyoko-chan awesome!!! you guys look great!!

Michela Thank you very much!

The-Real-Link Oo wow! I loved this shot on your LJ and it's awesome here too of course. Looking Fabulous :)

neoangelwink a very lovely shot ^_^

InkyLink O_O What did you put in your hat to make it all full and floaty!? It looks so cool! -InkyLink

Michela Thank you all very much! InkyLink: It was a simple matter of adding a bit of cotton stuffing to the hat; I always wanted to make it look full, and the amount of padding determines how full it will be and how much it will float. In the beginning, I added too much and it actually rose nearly 90 degrees. XD

neoangelwink ^_^ so good of a shot and so epic

Michela Aww, thank you very much!

Crystalike Ooooh! <3333 I love this! it's like..."The start of a new journey for Link and his dark side..." =P <3

InkyLink "InkyLink: It was a simple matter of adding a bit of cotton stuffing to the hat" That's so cool! Now I wanna try it! ^_^ Thanks! -InkyLink