Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

All the pain of wearing this costume reaally paid off. My hat the wind = death. Blisters made a special appearance too :PPP

FSS is so underappreciated and Mamoru designs are love!

I'm on the left and Morgan is on the right~ Thank you AsianSchoolboy for the pictures!

Fatima Ieatta and Fatima Machi
The Five Star Stories
Fatima Ieatta
Fatima Ieatta from FSS
11 years ago

gogolotus I love you guys >w<

Paula Kiwi OMG! FSS Cosplays! *____*~ Awesome costumes and great shot!

P. Python YAY! awesome group! FSS FTW! I really LOVE your costumes. *________*V

neoangelwink hug^_^

Sweet~Pea why hello thar' sexy I got to slap that ass and the morgan is pleased ^_^

Sweet~Pea and I mean the "me" morgan not the other sexy butt "morgan" lolz

rukawagf OMG FIVE STAR STORIES!!!!!!!!!! I saw you guys at AX and went "OMG FFS!!!" I was so sad when you said no one knew you guys

Kazeki yay for FSS cosplay!