It's Just a Flesh Wound!

It's Just a Flesh Wound!
@Grey Finch

Yes... I DID have to do it.

Photo by Krisface. <3

Luke Valentine
Luke Valentine
11 years ago

Breeface MEEEDDIIICCCC. D8 Luke needs band-aids.

Sipo OH EM GEE! If I woulda known!! I woulda wore my Jan. :D I brought it and everything!!!

.:Mage.Lulu:. :D!! I'd so hug you if i saw you in person in this costume! its fantastic, you're the best Luke Valentine I ever did see! Love the pose too *GLOMP*

Mizu angel ROFL!!!!!! XD

Spif HOLY blarguhh-ness i had no idea you were the PIP!!!! *dies* and normly i can remmber ones face easly. PS love this pic LOL

rane OMG, that's TOO TOO funny!!! ROFL!! You made the best Luke EVAR!!! I'm SOO glad you wore it to the second gathering so I could carry you around and act like a dork! XD

junkeemunky AHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh shit Mel, you totally rock Hellsing cosplay. XD

+---Erin---+ hahah XD omg

Bo0Do0 This is beautiful.

Midnight_ Rouge This is just great.

Michi-Chan I love the pose!!!! :D Awesome job on the outfit too.

SuniMoon XD Perfect. Just perfect. Anyway, awesome cosplay. O_O