Contrary to popular belief, Pimpin' is, in fact, quite easy.

Contrary to popular belief, Pimpin' is, in fact, quite easy.

Jeffrey, Crazy Flower, and I required rest during the most eventful day of Portcon, while wonderful *Shiva* discovered that our relaxed poses, along with the round perspective of the cushion on which we were seated, would create an interesting image. I must thank her dearly for that; I adore this photo!

Jeffrey is Princess Peach (With GingerAnne's Master Sword XD) from Super Mario Bros.
Crazy Flower is Queen Brahne from Final Fantasy IX
I am Sora from Kingdom Hearts II

P.S. Hoop skirt boning was required in all three of these costumes. Can you guess where they are all located?

Princess Peach, Sora, and Queen Brahne
Kingdom Hearts II
Valor Form Sora
13 years ago

*Shiva* Yay! I'm glad you like that pic! You were all so natrually well-posed! ^^

OblivionJEN0VA Both skirts and your shorts? XP Great picture.

Michela Shiva - I thank you most kindly for taking the photo and sending it to me; it is so wonderful and commemorates our excellent times at Portcon. ^_^ OblivionJENOVA - You WIN! I wish that I could deliver personal cookies to you for guessing correctly. XD I loved seeing you again at Portcon!

Kuropon wow, great details and amazing keyblades!

Mew_Pudding Pimpin is easy when you are a sexy Sora XD! You're awesome :3

Michela Awww, thank you! ^_^

Miki-san what an awesome Valor Sora you make! Goodjob!

MEGHANCLAPOINTE this photo make you all look very comfy. u all look amazing! well...what am i saying? you always do!