Hey HEY Hey!

Hey HEY Hey!

Gaze in splendor at our fabulous Super Group for Portcon Maine 2007. I adore each and every individual in this photo. ^_^

Located from left to right is:
Jeffrey as Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.
Michela (me ^_^) as Valor Form Sora with the Hidden Dragon and Star Seeker Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts II
GingerAnne as Dark Link from Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess
Steve/Linker83 as Link from Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess
The AMAYZING Crazy Flower as Queen Brahne from Final Fantasy IX
*Shiva* as Ruby from Final Fantasy IX

Princess Peach, Sora, Dark Link, Link, Queen Brahne, and Ruby
Kingdom Hearts II
Valor Form Sora
13 years ago

Volar Everyone looks so freakin depressed, except for you. :P

Michela It is because Sora ate delicious Sea Salt Ice Cream and won Best in Show before the photo was taken. XD

*Shiva* xD I so look pissed. I think its cause my feet were really starting to hurt by then. >o< It's such an awesome shot of all of us, though! Yay memories.

Catzilerella It's a great shot, but yes, everyone looks ...unhappy. ^_^ You make an awsome Sora!! I love it!! &#9829;&#9829;&#9829; That key blade rocks!

Michela *Shiva*: I was delighted to see you wear and dance in the toe shoes, at least! Becoming more acquainted to you and Crazy Flower at Portcon was a wholly wonderful experience. Catzilerella: Lulz, I believe that we were all rather exhausted from performing in the Masquerade. I just decided to smile because I was happy and it was also befitting to the character. ^_^

AnimatedPoison You're cute as pie with that cheeky grin! lol ^_^

Rosebud Waaa~~I love your keyblade so much! You make a really cute Sora!

Michela AnimatedPoison: Thank you! The cheeks (as well as the excuse to smile while wearing this costume) are actually a point of pride. XD Rosebud: Wee, thanks! The Hidden Dragon is my favorite keyblade not only for its appearance; the keychain is an authentic bellydance finger cymbal, so it rings when I wield it! I wish that everybody could hear; I love the sound so much. ^_^

Crazy Flower I mentioned this before, but we pwned PortCon. (The six of us won at least half of the awards) Must do again.

Crystalike a fantastic group!