Ooh, another picture with Lulu!

Ooh, another picture with Lulu!

I love my skirt and obi in this one. It's the same Lulu as in my first picture.

I didn't even SEE half the people who took photos of me with my guardians.

Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna
Fanime 2007
13 years ago

Akahime Lovely Yuna! :D

Alessa really, I love the colors you chose for your costume ^^

Leradny ^.^ That Lulu's Moogle is the shiz. I want one!

Sharysa Thanks to everyone who commented! I decided to simplify Yuna's color scheme instead of trying to add too many details, and it's turned out REALLY well. (Except for my sleeves--I just ran out of time before I could dye them.) I saw this one other Summoner Yuna, and her hibiscus looked REALLY gaudy--I was all, "There must be like, 50 petals on it! And isn't it supposed to be red?" I told leradny about it, and she said that the Yuna I'd seen used an actual lotus. As in, a plant. On her obi. And I went, "...But isn't her obi-jime a HIBISCUS?" It was actually a really nice Summoner Yuna--it's just that, why would anyone put real plants on their clothes?