You're All Still You

You're All Still You

Sora and Roxas at last reunite. Roxas is definitely NOT dead - I swear it on the life of my M.C. Hammer pants!

In regards to the Sora costume, please mind not that I am continuously posting photos; I have only yet BEGUN to spam! This costume deserved it, though; I spent nearly 5% of my life making it. o.O

The photo was taken by myself because I am very special like that. XD

Roxas and Sora
Kingdom Hearts II
Valor Form Sora
13 years ago

Volar Roxas left goo on your shirt. :P

Michela It was just goo from hair styling products, but all can be restored with the assistance of a washing machine. Alas, this is the price that we pay for looking FABULOUS. XD

rhichan So beautiful! XD

Michela Thank you, Renee! I believe that we were seriously sitting right next to you when this photo was taken. XD

Cvy Sweet! Oh yes Roxas cannot be dead! I swear on the life of your M.C. Hammer pants too XD

Michela Hehe, thank you!! I will definitely tell my Roxas, who is definitely not dead right now. XD I wish that I could have captured my jacket and puffy balloon pants in the photo, but the camera was only extended for the length of my arm. ^_^

ByronSpiegal what was the name of the styling wax you used?

Michela Ginger and I actually used different styling methods to spike our wigs and she was the only one that used wax. The name of the hair wax that she used is Pomade. ^_^

GingerAnne ah, resting in the arms of my beautiful sora n_n

neoangelwink this is very cute pic of you 2 ^_^ hug

Michela GingerAnne - Simply resting with you was one of my favorite aspects of the picnic. I am still amazed that we also remained quite in-character (at least where fanfiction is concerned XD) simply by being ourselves. ♥ Neoangelwink - Thank you! You seriously warm my heart all the time. *_*

hailo HEART. this photo is made of cuddly loveing goo~

Michela Hailo - Aww, thank you! The fact that not one but two commentors stated that this photo contains love goo makes you all winners. Alas, you fill *my* heart with joyous goo! XD

LiL KRN YUNA AWW~ This shot is just overloaded with cuteness! I especially love the wigs!~ X33

Michela Aww, thank you! I believe that the most wonderful aspect of cosplay headshots are that the wigs are in full display. ^_^

Crystalike Ah! Cute!! ^_^ And I love the wigs!! But I really have to laugh at the "MC hammer pants". XDDD

BYEBYE908 aww! so cute!