"Sally" from Nightmare Before Christmas

"Sally" from Nightmare Before Christmas

Katsucon 2004

Canon EOS-1Ds, Canon 85/1.2L
ISO250, 1/250sec, f2.8

16 years ago

khamryn That is so awesome. *_*

Midknight Oh wow! Admin, you always take such wonderful photographs. Thanks for putting me in your gallery. ^_^

ChicoChan OMG that's so cool XD i looove that movie! great job on the costumes!

cutelilzombie *_* wow. fantastic job on the hair and makeup for this one.

kyandi-chan admin's photo skillz= teh roxxors and this cosplayer's costume is quite lovely. perfect match! i love sally.

Ambrosia Perfect in every way. This is my favorite movie of all time, and I'm so happy to see such an accurate Sally. You're gorgeous!

Midknight ^^ Thanks for the compliments guys! <333

psythe Best. Sally. Evar.

Tanti Omg I love it!!

flying cabbit Beautiful. ;_; *totalnightmarebeforechrismasfan*

Vani sally is one of my all time favorite characters...and this is AMAZINGLY ACCURATE!!!!0.0 I love this shot...it really shows the details that she put in! SO COOL!!!!!!!*^0^*

DonovenHunterX I really doubt that anyone could do a better Sally then that. ^_^

Cvy wicked!!!