Guardian Number 2: Quick, look cool and bored!

Guardian Number 2:  Quick, look cool and bored!

Every time I talked with my friend about Fanime, I kept telling her how awesome Lulu's belt-skirt was. (And also that I would never attempt such a thing myself, since I'm too lazy, but you get the idea.)

At the time I was constantly tired and preoccupied with how hard it was to move in Yuna's outfit, but now I really wish I'd taken a few pictures with her moogle. Still, she was awesome.

Yuna (Summoner)
Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna
Fanime 2007
13 years ago

DragonRose13 hey, thats me!!! yous look super cute! i look asleep, lol. lots of fun ^.^

Mangochutney Both of you look gorgeous in this one. A good shot of your staff especially. It's not the costumes that really get me though, it's the expressions. I can just hear the weary sigh brought on by another random encounter. :D