Guardian Number 1: OMG, this Auron was the shizz.

Guardian Number 1:  OMG, this Auron was the shizz.

My sister called me and said she'd seen Auron walking around, and I was all "HOLYSHIT WE GO SECOND FLOOR!" and I dragged my friend and my niece around to look for him.

While we were wandering around screaming "Auron! Where are you?", I got it into my head to call him SIR Auron, as if that would make him magically appear. (Please note that I was very hot and tired.)

Me: "Hey, Auron has a sort-of title! SIR Auron--do you answer to that? Sir Auron!!"

We found him after a few minutes. Like many other cosplayers' props, his sword made me feel short and vulnerable. But he was a pretty awesome Auron, and we both agreed that it was not comfortable to walk around in so many clothes.

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13 years ago

MaryRyanBogard Both of you look great.

Kirsta Nadaime Haha yes =D Both of your look awesome... and whee the giant swords of doom