Future Me!

Future Me!

This Gunner Yuna was one of the very few Yunas in general. I liked her a lot--during the FF All photoshoot while Advent Children took over, we just stood in the corner and talked while I ignored my sheer boredom.

Also, my staff is like a divider! I find that amusing.

Oh yeah, and she stole my staff in the Internet Cafe and made me run around to get it back, then nearly stabbed me with it. She made me scream so loud that I don't think I'll ever be able to get that pitch again.

And my sister was listening to the whole thing from her end of the phone.

I bet 90% of you didn't expect that last bit.

Yuna (Summoner)
Final Fantasy X
Summoner Yuna
Fanime 2007
13 years ago

Alessa no, I didn't expect it LMAO haha!! nice picture though ^^

Sharysa Thanks! Your Lulu cosplay is fabulous, too.

J Ryoga Nice Yuna cosplays!