Yay, I love to sing~!

Yay, I love to sing~!

Yeah, not feeling creative with titles right now XD

This is a picture of my Malon costume that I debuted in 2006. I liked the pose (despite my retard face) and the trees in this shot, but sadly, this picture was taken in a parking lot and there were lots of unseemly cars in the background. I spliced this picture with an image of a field (that looks freakishly like Hyrule Field, imo), can you tell? XD

Here's the original shot:


costume by myself, limebarb, and jia crens

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
12 years ago

Chibi aw, you are so cute as Malon! I love the color of your wig! I wish mine would be as nice...

Beverly You are ADORABLE! =D

Enchurito I think the costume is great but to make it look better take the roots of some other tree and cut them out. Take them and blend them with the dirt. Cause as is it looks like the trunks of that tree are just magicly floating.

Jaquii Enchurito~ Thanks for the tips! I wish that I could have found a more convincing way to blend the woodchips and the field, but meh, this ins't for a class or anything. :3 And actually, the trunks of the tree actually look like that in the real picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v97/Jaquii/Malon2.jpg

Imbeorodwen very adorable picture! your Malon looks great! I love it!

The-Real-Link Nice improvision when dealing with crappy surroundings! You look gorgeous, not to mention all those great backgrounds you added in as well! Do do dooo, do do dooo ^^.

Michela I could not tell at all that the image was a CG until you specified it in the description. The edited scenery is brilliant and your Malon fits in it wonderfully. ^_^

neoangelwink aww so cute hug^_^

Miyabi- I love the look on your face! It's not retarded! You look all innocent and cute! ^_^

an awesome blos I LOVE the outfit! You did a great job on it :) (and the background is nice, too, ha)

Elsch so cute. ^^

Foxtale kawaii!! you are utterly adorable

InkyLink This picture rocks! Nice! -InkyLink

PikminLink this is a really cute picture, and your a really great malon!

Darth Sunshine Brilliant shop job!

shadowsage Aww...precious!

Rad_Apple REALLY cute malon! you fit the character super well, and you and your costume are simply beautiful! ;)