Juri Wig - close up

Juri Wig - close up

This is actually a Cher 951 wig in 144 that I bought from Cosworx. The wig is of lovely quality being super soft and silky. Very happy.

Anyway, I added all the lovely ringlets in the wig using rollers, hair spray and steam, which is the best possible way to style wigs. It took several hours and several tries to get the curls right. I'm happy with it though!

Since this is the movie version it is quite long (not pictured here). If I recall it goes to the small of my back.

Juri Arisugawa
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Juri Arisugawa
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10 years ago

Crystalike OMG It's like, PERFECT! ^o^ I have to find a steamer!

sweet_magic Nice wig! ^_^ My curls looked like crap. I went for a more anime-ish color for my Juri wig (bright orange), but I regret it now seeing yours.

AsianCandie what did you use to steam it?