Wefting Tutorial!!! Step 0 - Getting Started

Wefting Tutorial!!! Step 0 - Getting Started

OK, why post a wefting tutorial? And what IS wefting, anyway?

Wefts are what wigs are made of, basically. Wefts consist of loose hair sewn (or glued) together so they form a row of hairs ("like a hula skirt", quoting Gren) that can be sewn to the wig's undermesh. You can use them to revamp your wig, or to make your own from scratch. - This is what I decided to do for my Fran (FF XII) wig because her hairstyle is so unique I thought it could best be done with a custom-made wig. (I'll post progress pictures of the wig later.)

You can buy ready-made wefts (expensive) or rip them off of a purchased wig. However, if you need a custom color, your best bet would be to make them yourself using loose extensions. I used 48" Silky Straight Kanekalon extensions purchased at www.drlocks.com - Fran doesn't have plain white hair, so I decided to blend snow white with 3 different shades of ash blonde (colors no. 22, 24, and 12) to add depth to her 'do.

I owe a lot to a tutorial posted by Gren, which taught me the basics of wefting with a sewing machine.
I liked the method so much I decided to make an extensive tutorial with photos. Feel free to comment and contribute any ideas of your own.

Btw, if you'd like to make no-sew wefts using glue or caulk, Katie Bair has a tutorial on her site and you can find some more browsing the forums. I prefer sewn wefts, however. They are very durable, you can make many wefts at a time without having to wait for the caulk to set (perfect if you're making a whole wig), you can produce rather full wefts, and it's not quite as messy.


Lay out the loose extensions on a newspaper sheet (any smooth surface will do), pick up a strand of each color and blend them slightly. I'm very careful to avoid tangling and, above all, pulling on the hair or letting it slip from the bundle. Try to keep it laid out straight and parallel, ends even. Secure each bundle by tying a (cut-open!) rubber band around the end or middle when you're not using it. Grip the bundles of hair tightly when separating strands of hair so they don't slip.

Protect your work area from pets, wind, and other disturbances.

If you're using the extensions at full length (48"), you will need to remove the center fold by straigthening them. I recommend doing this after you're done wefting, because loose extensions get messed up quickly when you handle them.

The photos to the right show what the finished wefts will look like - on top is a short, doubled weft (we'll cover that later), below is a full-length weft that has short ends on one side (which will face the undermesh when sewn to the wig, so the short ends won't show.)

So, let's see how I got there^^ (Click on the photo to the left to continue the tutorial)

~Work In Progress~
14 years ago

Aera And here I was, browsing for some wig tutorials... weil ich ja noch nicht genau weiß, was ich zum Teufel wegen dem Haar von Byakuya machen soll. Und wo lande ich? Bei einem deiner Tutorials! Schaut sehr interessant aus und ich werds mir auf jeden Fall mal faven, falls ich es vielleicht doch mal brauchen werde <3 (und dein brief ist heute angekommen, danke nochmal ^-^) Aera

DeWeird uwa~ ich liebe dieses tutorial *unbedingt probieren muss* und ich habs mir auch schon des öfteren angeschaut und dann hab ich deine perü auch noch in real gesehn *-* hab nicht mitbekommen, dass du das warst und hab mir so gedacht 'wow, da hat sich noch jemand sowas angetan *gaff*' und jetzt komm ich mir blöd vor XD; egal, wollt nur mal sagen, dass das tutorial einfach nur genial is, die endperücke absolut <3 is und yoah *nod* enough rambling >-< *sich nochmal das tut anschaun geht*

girl not here Wow this is a really good tutorial. I make weft in the wig shop at my school by hand...I should make a tutorial for the traditional way. It takes a LOT longer but at least you can have the pride of tying the hair in yourself. But this is wonderful!!!

batophilliac I must agree with the previous comment. I do have a question though. How many packages of the hair did you purchase for the whole of this wig?

Kukkii-san Um... I think it was about 7 packs total for the Fran wig? Maybe more because I didn't use up the darker extensions (I only used them to add subtle lowlights), the bulk was snow white fiber^^

LeeOnami i'm sorry after the basic instruction up above i can't figure out where the real tutorial is...also when you say hair wefts, you mean the loose hair...not connected at any point top or bottom right? I need tutorials for using that kind of hair.

Kukkii-san The tutorial continues to the left, just click on the thumbnail photo on the left and it'll take you to the next step^^ Or go to my gallery for an overview: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/58829/p4 WEFTS are what you get when you WEFT loose extension fiber. For more uses for LOOSE fiber, I recommend browsing the forums (or my gallery) for more tutorials.

linksliltri4ce Let me start off by saying that all of your work is simply brilliant! Thank you SO much for posting all of your tutorials! They are extremely helpful!!!

angel2162 (arriving years late) I have a question, how many bags of loose extensions does it take to make one standard wig?