A long road ahead...

A long road ahead...

This has been a nuts semester and I was really looking forward to debuting my Zelda costume at ACen 07, but it's just not going to happen. I'm almost done, but along with finishing the rest of the costume, I have a monstrous amount of beading to complete that I don't think is physically possible to finish at this point, lol.

So here's another progress shot, literally showing the long path (of beading) I have ahead of me. The only thing in this shot that is fully beaded is the "Z-shape" (as I lovingly call them) in the lower right-hand corner (on the left, if that makes sense). The two "whiter" ones that look cluttered actually need to be de/rebeaded; I just haven't gotten around to de-beading them yet (it's too depressing).

It makes me a little sad that the embroidery is hard see among all the beads; it's a really pretty soft green color. A big part of the reason why you can't see the embroidery is because my camera sucks. One day I'll get a nice camera...

I'm glad that this is the bottom of the back side of the cloak; since this picture was taken, the beading has gotten much cleaner. :3

Princess Zelda (in her cloak)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Cloaked Zelda
12 years ago

Foxtale whatever it is it's crazy detailed - awesome!

Jaina Solo SEXY SEXY SEXY. That is all. :D

Miri Is that the coat thing she wears? I haven't played the game but I saw a screenshot of her in like a robe. Whatever it is... wow. Just... wow. You've got some patience. Excellent work, this is going to rock so hard finished. :D

Quantum9 I'm guessing this is her cloak?

DayDreamerNessa that's so much detail and work, it looks really good!

Michela This is the back of her cloak! ...Does this mean that I can have Triforce cookies? Seriously, this is amazing work. I commend you for beading every detail - it looks like a grand feat, and it is beautiful. ^_^

The-Real-Link Was thinking along the same lines as Michela. That's mad sic in a good way o.O

InkyLink O _ O !!! I'm amazed at the detail you're putting into this whole costume. Amazingly sad that you can't debut it for ACEN though. I was so looking forward to seeing it in 9 days time. I wish you tons of luck on it though! You are amazing! -InkyLink

Psyposer Ooh girl you're awesome 0_0' wish you the best of luck!!

Elsch *_* That's too cool~

PikminLink wow. lots of good lucks with that one. cant wait to see it done ^^

Darth Sunshine Holy cow! You didn't do that all by hand, did you! Its beautiful!

kyandi-chan You're insane and this is why I love your costumes! Soooooooo awesome!

Dali-Lamb T^T <-- that's me right after I read that.... I want to cry--I'm so sorry you weren't able to complete this in time for ACen. I was really looking forward to seeing it--BUT, schoolwork is ALWAYS more important than this cosplay thing. I know how you feel, though, I've been embroidering something that isn't nearly done yet, so I'm going to have to pull like two all-nighters this week before finals which are next week, so I'll have it done for ACen. This looks AWESOME tho, so good luck in finishing this! AND I hope you bring your other Zelda to the shoot for some sexy dali-lamb on jaquii action! ^.~ ~Dali-Lamb

Dali-Lamb (woah, thanks a lot cosplay.com for cutting the rest of my post off >:') Anyway, don't worry too much--school is always more important than this cosplay thing! Although I'm very sad I won't get to see it at ACen, I completely empathise with you. I've been hand embroidering something that I HAVE to finish for ACen, so I'm gonna pull like two all-nighters this week to get it done before next week which are finals! Good luck in finshing it, it looks simply breathtaking now~ AND I hope you bring your other Zelda to the shoot so we can have some hot dali-lamb on jaquii shots~ ^.~ ~Dali-Lamb

NiGHTmaren Mmmmmmmmm, beaaaaaaaaads. I cannot wait to see this complete!

Jaquii Mystic665~ Yes, all of those beads are done by hand, one little tiny bead at a time. The embroidery was done by machine, but it still took 11 hours of non-stop embroidering to finish all of the designs on the cloak.

Princess_Zelda That is just TOO impressive for words to speak....or make sense...did I make sense there? I'm just speechless on how awesome this is!

simonsaz3 I am absolutely speechless; the work and time you're putting forth in this is very impressive, and it makes the cloak all the more beautiful. Keep it up! I can't wait to see it finished!! =)

NytenGale wowza!!! its a sad thing indeed that i won't be able to see this...**cries**

Fire Lily Oh my freaking god - you are absolutely insane. And it looks absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see this magnificent beaded costume once you've finished it ^.^

lunaladyoflight I want to see this at Acen Jacquii!! XDDD :P I'm not sure if I'll wear my Zelda again, but there's always the possibility. <3 I wish I'd gotten to talk to you more at Ohayo! We were all super busy though.

zelda1485 i was wondering if you could tell me how you got the design pattern on to the cloth? i can not draw, im trying to finger out how to do the design

Lady Tyrona .....you know,....that is scary...really scary...you're fingers must be bleeding from this BUT IT'S SO FREAKIN AWESOME!

Aselea Wow, that's looking gorgeous! Can't wait to see this completed.

sikay wht patience!! it's wonderfull how many hours do you takes to make this zelda princess???