Wait - that's not an Ether, Larsa!

Wait - that's not an Ether, Larsa!

"Er... it was in the refrigerator... and it was in a green bottle... so I thought... No, seriously! All a misunderstanding. Uhm, you don't have to tell my father about this, do you, Judge Magister?"

Final Fantasy XII
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
11 years ago

Kukkii-san *lol* you do look creepy in that picture ^^; great larsa costume, i like the leg armor - looks like real leather?! i'd love to see that costume in better lighting and all, it looks really well-done & the colors are pretty and vibrant - thumbs up! ^_^

Andrea Thanks! The leg armor is craft foam, tinted slightly with very watered down acrylic paint (and shoe polish on the belt - this worked much better, and I recommend it over the acrylic paint) and layered. Craft foam is really some incredible stuff, right up there with velcro and hot glue. ;) I hope to get some pics in better lighting in a couple weeks, at ACen. I suspect I'll drag the Judge Magister out into the country with me for a photoshoot sometime too. ;)