I'm here for you

I'm here for you

My gorgeous Tamaki- Kurowasan
I'm okay with this series, but I mainly did it to cosplay with my hot, hot friends. We didn't get many group shots, but our lovely Renge (Umi) took this pic for us. It was hard for us to get in character, mainly because I'm retarded at posing.

Tamaki, Haruhi
Ouran Host Club
11 years ago

Sana-chan Pffffffft you're in no way retarded at posing! You always look so lovely and natural! Both of you look so sweet in this picture~

neoangelwink you both look so good ^_^

Rosebud Awww, what an absolutely sweet picture! You both look great.

Solaria You guys are so cute together! ^-^

Scruffy Rebel waaa so cute I love it!!!! *Haruhiglomp*

kikumarubeam cute! love the color contrast

banditYinG Haruhi~ XD Lovely.

TsukiNoBara Moe! Moe! Moe! That was such a fun day. I definitely logged it away in my cosplay memories.

Cvy retarded!? *kicks pikacello* if you are then that makes me a ... handicapped O_O

Hoshikaji RAWR Stop trying to steal Kurowasan for yourself!!!!!

shirogami520 Waaah you make such a cute Haruhi! Tamaki + Haruhi = <3 <3! =D

snarfles Awws! You look so amazing! <3! Great Ouran cosplay! ^-^v

Saravana I apparently wasn't paying attention when you uploaded this in April. ;_; You are wonderful! Thank you for doing this costume. LOVE. (and shut up, I'M the one who's retarded at posing)