What do they know over at kotaku.com and digg.com?

What do they know over at kotaku.com and digg.com?

I was taken over the coals for this picture at www.kotaku.com by their members after this picture appeared in their Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Video Game release event April 22, 2007. Then, I got taken over the coals like numbero dos to flies on digg.com later on. Thanks to the makeup artistes at Sephora on East 34th Street in Manhattan for the Evil Diva 2.0 look!

Jessie/Musashi First Edition
11 years ago

Tabby Catty I think they do XP

Airika Yes, you're right! Nothing beats old school pokemon cosplay X3

kojirojames2004 And Airika wins at the interwebs!

natsukoarts Jessee! nice top.

Mary Plu Moon dhhusuhsuhsuhuhshus very funny! love it!

CezzaXV You. Rock. So. Hard.

PapercutPerfect Those boots! Sooo awesome *_*

Doctor Blind Oh lord, do not listen to the people at kotaku.com - they wouldn't know cosplay if it hit them in the face and started eating their nose. and I agree with PapercutPerfect - those boots are pretty awesome.

kojirojames2004 Hey, Doctor Blind, this pic has now been famed at ytmnd.com by an complete and utter idiot who called it "Jessie Let Herself Go." That schmuck got a message from me for that.