Quon pics from AniZona, by Skye.

Yeah, I've still got stuff to do on this costume.

Quon Kisaragi
Quon Kisaragi
Rah Xephon
12 years ago

cPhoenix Looooooooooooove

Random Karen Ohhhh snap it's QUON! *loves you* I did Reika waaaayyyy back when RahXephon first came out and broke my brain.

LiL KRN YUNA Woha! XD The little pictures on the walls are so cute and so are youu! ~~

Ironekilz Quon! Great job on her vest thing in particular! You look a lot like her.

Ambrosia Hey, you're kind of awesome.

Zan I second Ambrosia's comment. Enthusiastically.

Kanasai* Love your wig, love the vest, super great job on the vest really! And you're so pretty!!!

Pikacello Gorgeous!!

Chiko how pretty ^^ I love it

Scruffy Rebel waaa! You just look so freaking cute! I don't even know this character and already it's one of the cosplays I love you in the most XD

Dia Can I touch your molded boobies?

Ashe YES

kylash327 you finally did it, awsome!

blueyedgirl You make an awsome Quon! Great job

blueyedgirl You make an awesome Quon! Great job

Alisa You make THE perfect Quon! Kudos to photographer location choice well. Perfect!

LynnMinmay You're LM is PERFECT! And your hair... (awesome wig!) And your dress... And your face and body, because you're the perfect Quon ever *Lynn-can-die-happy*

LynnMinmay Sorry for my bad english T^T Your photographs made me nervous~ *sigh*

dianabunny How beautiful! You did such a wonderful job on the costume and the setting for this is so lovely :D

mokulen22 you rock!! love this series and your cospkay

neko_juanito so nice =^_^=