The flow of time

The flow of time

I was looking at pictures in my gallery thinking to myself, "You know, I thought I had a picture from some ACen of me doing the splits in Sheik's costume..." And what do you know, it turns out I did. Then I was reminded, "Oh yeah, that's when I was in tae kwan doe...and I could do the splits...four years ago... O_O; What?! This picture was taken four years ago?? It's been that long since I could do the splits? Wtf???

Yeah, these are crazy times, people...time really flies.

Sheik made by me
photo by Kyle

The Legend of Zelda
12 years ago

Brita_Lee Ouch @[email protected] Awesome costume! Its so well made! LoZ cosplay for the win.

stardust amazing! You just look like Sheik!

Jaina Solo Awesome!!!

The-Real-Link Seconded for awesomeness!

Dali-Lamb guess it's a good thing you're not actually a guy.... zelda's pretty screwed up at times! ^^;; anyway, awesome shot! XD ~Dali-Lamb

Jaquii Geneve, we truly are best friends. That is the first thing I think of EVERY time I see this picture. ACen 07 is gonna rock hardcore, baby~! <3

simonsaz3 I may have have commented on another picture of your Sheik cosplay, but I want to reiterate my point that you make an awesome Sheik... great cosplay!!! =)

BalthierFlare Awesome! XD Best pose for Sheik evar!

PapouGirl O.O I've been taking dance classes forever, and I still can't do that! Awesome Sheik. Awesome cosplays. ^.^

Core ay ay ay ...ouchhhhhhh!!! that hurts me >_<

Hachibi101 Whoa. Awsome picture and cosplay!!

Sephxlord awesome cosplay!!

katjar Whow, love the pose!