finished AKIRA back tattoo

finished AKIRA back tattoo

yes, it's a real tattoo.
Took about 3 1/2 - 4ish hours.
so raw. heh

tattooing in my bedroom.
which seems odd to some people
BUT!! how else was I gonna be able to watch AKIRA while getting tattooed!? ^_^

12 years ago

Megumiie wow and I thought I was crazy for getting the ANBU symbol tattooed on my back, but this is amazing. ^_^

Kanira You must really like Dr. Mario ^_^; Wrong colors for Akira...

KANEDA LOL riiiiight. who here is the bigger AKIRA fan and owns EVERYTHING relating to it?! even the one-of-a-kind jacket made for the B-Club AKIRA book photoshoot in 1990. um... ME. do you even know how many versions of this capsule there is??? white, yellow, pink, red, etc....

SvK Wow. Wow.

Angathol ...Er... I hope you like Akira well into old age, 'cause you're going to have a huge freaking pill on your back for the rest of your natural life. o_O;

KANEDA trust me, I will. I've been into it hardcore for over a decade now. and if I don't like AKIRA well into old age... I want someone to shoot me in the face. ^_^

Alexia Ishtar Suddenly my Moogle tattoo doesn't look so crazy XD

MelColley You...are hardcore

Romann That is amazing. You, sir, are officially badass.

Mother Superior

KANEDA besides being a funny site to look at... umm.. exactly WHAT does it have to do with me? 'cause I'll tell ya. mine ain't bad at all. I'm an apprentice.. and this is clean work. plus it's all raw and fresh and irritated in the pic anyhow.

† Wolfwood † WOW! With this show you: YOU ARE A BIG AKIRA FAN! ;) Awesome, mhhh... maybe make for me a Trigun/Gungrave tatto... but im not the type for tattos.