Mokusei no kawatte! Kasei no kawatte!

Mokusei no kawatte! Kasei no kawatte!

Oshioki yo!

This would be the final Jupiter picture of the Eternal Jupiter and Mars series taken at Megacon 2007... in the hotel lobby... of the Best Western... because we didn't actually wear them to the con. :\ Note to self: change into costume IMMEDIATELY upon arrival in Orlando. Then proceed to Megacon in much haste. THEN go to supper. Because on Friday night, that con is DEAD after 8. :\

Eternal Sailor Jupiter and Eternal Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon
Eternal Sailor Jupiter
Eternal Sailor Jupiter from SMSS
11 years ago

vampirate Them's some hot boot covers! But yeah, you know I plan on leeching techniques from you already...

Bluest Mercury Your eternal costumes are fantastic. Those sleeves are [email protected][email protected]

Scruffy Rebel daaaaaayum lookit those legs!!!! So gorgeous. Love you as Jupiter!

neoangelwink ^_^ you both look so good

dianabunny You ladies look ama~zing :D Such beautiful eternals~!

Cagalli Kasshu amazing! amazing!!! i love your Jupiter >.>

Angel Tifa Wow *__*! Your Sailor Jupiter turned out great Katie :D! You guys both look great here.

Kayoshin Really really pretty!!! *_*

Last_Chance Wow! What awesome costumes! And you are Florida cosplayers, to boot. WOO! XDDDDDDDDDDD

Katie Actually, I'm an Alabama cosplayer. XD;;

Yumi Miyazaki So sweet and well done! Love the sleeves and the skirts! *_*