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Belle from OUAT so far I have on the blue dress.

Matryoshka Gakupo

I wasn't about to go buy a sweat suit for insane prices lol.I see from the bright light in a studio some of the pants thin,This was a test shoot so i kinda just scribbed quickly with eye liner and shoved the wig on.took like 20 mins to paint no joke.very

A succubus or a fae.

i just threw this together because i felt like it one cold winter day.i really had intended to use a different dress but it was mildewed and i am still trying to save it.was just for fun!


Galadriel is a bit off still,fixing it up,mostly goi g to go with no make up,i dislike the white eye shadow.

Snow elf/Falmer

this is parts of other cosplays put together literally that day,i plan to make an outfit in whites blues and silvers though for her instead.i went by what we saw of the 2 male snow elves i want my brows lighter next time obviously,but for just making up a

Twilight Sparkle

While I dont know much about my little ponies and only watched that original when i was 3,I know theres a lot of people that like the new one,i saw an episode it seemed like a cute kids show,not my thing,but i can see why some people would like it. Thi

Triss Merigold

So far only have a hot weather book inspired variation,i tried making it look elvish since shes so fond of elvan inventions and all. I am making a gown based from the book,a witcher 2 game outfit as well as a witcher 1 game outfit. i will also be cosp


Photographer :iconadamlphotography: I think since they look like a creepy goth guy from the 80s,or robert smith of "The Cure" only creepier. i think i have sandman down perfect.[also known as dream ,Morpheus and many other names] i need to style the fron


Beast from black butler manga,this costume was custom made by my friend www.wildmage007.deviantart.com


a really quick Xena i threw together for a halloween party with 2 days notice XD

Drizzt Do'Urden

so this halloween i had my old wig and i had to make due with incorrect make up,i usually have him a darker blue and my wigs usually a little better but it was not behaving i think there may be a heat duct behind the wall near where i store it.so ill be a

Isaak Fernand Von Kampfer

Isaak Fernand Von Kampfer

Prince Nuada

costume made by myself and my friend wildmage007[she made most of the cloth parts] i made the armor,gauntlets,wig,seal,and shoulder fringes


rider from fate/stay night,i really need to make a new blinder the one i have is just crap.


A quick and easy gentern costume,i made them both,i am the taller dark haired one. there were so many versions in the movie and stage show alone