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My Gadget Hackwrench cosplay!

Element of Kindness

Pictures of my Fluttershy cosplay.


My Poison Ivy cosplay.

"And I'll be the merriest"

Photo of my Rikku cosplay.

Searching for my brother

Photos of my Claire Redfield cosplay.

Kagura just dreams....louder than most

Photos of my Kagura cosplay from Fruits Basket.

The Savage Nymph

Photos of and for my Larxene cosplay. I\'ve been working on this cosplay for at least three years, and it\'s finally coming to a sense of completion.

The Blind Bandit

Pictures of my Toph cosplay!

Twinkle, twinkle...

Pictures from my Dormouse cosplay.

Beautiful Mother, soft and sweet...

Pictures form my Sloth cosplay.

Yes I know I\'m just an outcast...

Pictures from my Esmeralda costume.

More Interested in Travel than Pokemon

All pictures of my May cosplay and group pics from my pokemon group.