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Lady Gaga - Telephone


Kendappa-ou - RG Veda

Beautiful melodies

Marie Antoinette - Rose of Versailles (Takarazuka 2001)

Goran nasai, goran nasai....Berusaiyu no Bara!

Lady Gaga - Just Dance

Wish I could shut my playboy mouth...

Kefka - FF Dissidia

Smacking yourself on the butt before you fight an opponent is ALWAYS a good idea!

Relena Peacecraft - Gundam Wing (Sanq Kingdom)

Why does everyone hate her?!

Alice - SuperJail!

A woman cosplaying a man who is now a woman? SO CONFUSING!

Utada Hikaru - Passion PV

Natsukashii iro ni.....

Padme Amidala - Star Wars Ep III (Mustafar outfit)

Knocked up by a Jedi with crazy cat lady hair!!

Buttercup - The Princess Bride

"I would not say such things if I were you!"

Waka - Okami

Je suis une pomme de terre!

Tequila lolita

Am I doin it rite?

The Prince - Katamari

Rolling up cows and houses!

Jem - Jem cartoon

Truly, truly, TRULY outrageous!