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Costume Pieces and Props

Elements of costumes.


Fully finished costumes.

Construction and Progress

Shots of the creation process.

Legendary Sleuths II

The Legendary Sleuths gathered again in 2015 to ponder clues.

Bathing Beauties

For DragonCon 2013, a group of Doctor Who fans decided to do the Doctors as "Bathing Beauties". Evidently it was a lot of fun. I was informed at DragonCon that I need to be a part of the group for the next year. This is some of that fun.

Legendary Sleuths I

For DragonCon '14, a group of my fellow Doctor Who cosplayers decided to do a Legendary Sleuths photoshoot. I knew I had to do Harry.

Big Damn Photoshoot

A Firefly/Serenity photoshoot at DragonCon 2010. Photos taken by scifigeek47 (http://www.scifigeek.info).