Pink Princess


I got into costuming 11 years ago, but have always like dresses form stage & film. I also like rabbits and support the rabbit welfare associaiton charity.

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Bodice and Sash made from Barkweave cotton bought from Walleys fabric store uk. I hand printed the design using dylon fabric paint. The grass skirt is reall raffia in tow different shades of White and Beige. The main skirt it basket weave cotton very heavy fabric, stars were machine embroiered motiffs and hand senw on, rest of embroiery is hand done.

Cinderella Live action

Petticoats and 3 flat layer circle skirts, all made from organza in various colours of, Turquoise, Blues,Lilac. Outer skirt 2 layers of pure silk gauze, one underlayer died pale turquoise, outer layer in pale Blue. Approx 3,700 Swarovski clear crystals o

Anna Frozen Coronation dress

Took about2-3 months to make. Bodice made from Black velvet cotton, skirt from various satins/duchess satin. See ym website for all making of.

Claudia Interview with the vampire

Made form 9 metres of Blue polyester Taffeta. Over 1800 Black Bicone beads along pleated apron trim & sleeve edge. Too approx 3 1/2 months to make. See my website for all tutorial info:-

Disney Aurora

Please see my website for tutorial info.

Disney Elsa

Costume took 6 months to make. Stretch top has over 2,00 Swarovski crystals and the bodice has 4,850 rectangle sequins sewn on by hand. Wig styled by Lisa Fabio. Please visit my website for tutorial info.

Disney Anna

Took nearly 5 months to make. Tutorial info is on my website

Young Snow White Once upon a time

Please see my website for all tutorial info:-

Disney Cinderella

Skirt has 3 full circle skirt layers. Light Blue voile, Silk Satin dyed China Blue, & Crystal Organza for the outer layer hand stamped with a small Rose flower design and covered in Swarovski crystals. Bodice made from Sky Blue floral Satin Brocade & Bone

Padme Picnic Dress

Skirt & Blouse made from Gold Silk Chiffon, with hand embroidered chain stitch and plastic sequins. Cape made from Ivory Tulle Tea Dyed. Corset/Bodice Made from Gold Crushed Silk, with hand embroidery. Roses were sewn on seperatley and I found them on s

Disney Merida Teal Dress

Made from Dark Teal Greeny/Blue coloured crepe fabric.

Disney Merida Blue Dress

Made from Aqua Truella 80% cotton 20% wool fabric and a Beige Duchesse Satin Pannel, + over 2000 flat back pearls. Visit my website

Disney Belle Completed Gown

Based on Broadway show version and classical movie version. Skirt fabrics:- Gold pure silk satin, Silk organza skirt overlay, Yellow crushed Silk velvet for valance trim. Bodice:- Yellow Lace,Gold Satin, corset coutil and lining.

Disney Belle Wig

My Wig for the Gold ballgown It was bought from seller darcinut on ebay in colour 30 light Auburn. Styled by myself and mum. check out video tutorial:-

Disney Belle Bodice

Made using 4 layers, outer fabric is a Yellow lace bought from ebay, inner lining is Gold Silk Satin used on the skirt, Corset Coutil and soft Yellow Cotton inner Lining at the back. Covered it in Swarovski crytstals, & boned. Ruffle made from the same Si