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heres a view of my ikki costume as it progresses ^^

just model pics? idk rly

im just adding this album because im a work in progress photographer id figure i have a few pics ill just put in every so often. when i think its a good enough pic ill post here really

Wade Wilson

sooo this is under Wade instead of Deadpool only because this is pre-experiment deadpool and when he had some form of sanity

Wolverine movie version

to be honest this is just the movie version because im just wearing the tank top he has in the movies like left and right :/ lol but yea

Zombie ((O_____O))

my zombie make up fun and getting virused up for RE5 Midnight Outbreak ^^


the coolest of all the watchmen ^____^

Super Boy

my super boy cosplay from senior year im not as big as i was then so the sleeves were a lil loose around the biceps but its kool i still wear this pretty often im hopin to get the group together for some new pics

Albert Wesker

one of my favorite video game villians and this is for RE5 launch day ^^

Tuxedo Snake

we all know tuxedo snake pwnd 007

Young Reno

my young reno cosplay from back in the day

some props

this is just for props i make for myself and friends i also take requests for anyone who needs some help

Solid snake

me in my solid snake WIP if youd like to see it in action heres a link

James Bond 007

james bond- \"ill have a vodka martini.\" bar tender- \"shaken or sturred?\" james bond- \"do i look like i give a damn?!\"


the journey to being the bat dun dun dunduuun duuuun DUUUNNNN


some shots of my nightwing suit