Tampa , Florida
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Kyle Rayner

my heart and soul

Sodam Yat (ION) Green Lantern

Sodam Yat a member of the space police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. From the planet Daxym the cousins to the kryptonians, was given the power of ION the entity of pure willpower and now super charged Sodam has the power to lead the Corps into v

Tim Drake Robin ;)

its about time to sport the green and red tights


the title it self explanitory xP but yea the most epic of epic days and some amazing photos of me along with my cosplay group ^^


my WhipLash cosplay im working on for the IronMan2 release

Deadpool Merc with a Mouth

when any job just seems to tough then you need someone crazier then a sack of ferrets, the crimson comedian, you need DEADPOOL the Merc with a Mouth.


what can i say im a Trekie ^^

Big Boss

the most awesome of awesome characters ever!


Fairlyodd Parents is probably the greatest show ever x) this was bound to happen X)

Super Mario

WA-HOOO!!! its'a me Mario!! Hoo-Hoo ^^


its not amazing and its still a WIP but hopefully itll look awesome once im done the trick about making Harvy TwoFace is to not make him look like a zombie xP

Indiana Jones

my Wip Indy cosplay, ive always thought Indy was awesome ^^ so ive finally got the chance to cosplay as him ^^

Shinji Ikari

my Shinji Ikari put together cosplay


everyone knows that sith are more powerful then Jedi lol xP


its the main man himself ;)