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Here are some photos of my Black Matagi cosplay and hopefully someday of a full BlackRockShooter group.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In this album I collect all of my Asuka and NGE themed pictures.

Scott Pilgrim

Here are the photos of my Ramona Flowers cosplay. Maybe someday I'll have a cosplay group for that, but at the moment it's just me as Ramona.


In this album I collect all the pictures of my Miku Hatsune cosplays together with my Vocaloid group or it's just me without a group. And I'll add pictures of my other Vocaloid cosplays, too. Location: Some cities in Germany.

Macross Frontier

This is my album for collection all photos of my Ranka Lee costume and photos together with other Macross Fronier cosplayers. The photos were made in different locations around Germany.


In this album I have all the pictures of my Orihime Inoue cosplay (and maybe someday an Ishida by my side). I don not have a Bleach group - so here are just some pictures of me as the lovely hime!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

I think that Gundam 00 is the best gundam series, they have a lot of great characters and a very good story. One sad thing is that some great characters got killed (Lockon ;_;). Well, if an Anime has good characters, these characters has to get cosplayed.


Moetan is such a cute anime and I have a Moetan group, here are all the Moetan pictures of me as Pastel ink and all my group members. We made the first pictures in Kassel, during the Connichi. Next time we will be at the bookfair Leipzig 2010.

Air Gear

Here all the photos of my Ringo Noyamano Cosplay. At first alone as Ringo, but maybe I will have an Air Gear cosplay group in the future. Then I will put the group pictures into this album, too.

To Love Ru

In this album are all my To love Ru cosplays, so far I made three (Lala, Haruna and Run). As Haruna Sillychan made Lala and Kurama-90 made a Rito cosplay, too. We made pictures in many different cities, like Bremen, Hannover, Emstek and more.


Pictures from my Naruto-Times, I made four versions of Hinata Hyuuga. In this album are the pictures of me as Hinata, together with other Naruto cosplayers (mostly my boyfriend). The locations were different places in Germany.

Hunter X Hunter

Here are the Hunter X Hunter pictures with me as Kurapika. We made the first photos in Hahn-Lehmden (my hometown) and then I wore this costume with Kurama-90 as Hisoka at the bookfair in Leipzig. The last pictures were made in Oldenburg.

Fate/Stay Night

Here are the Fate/Stay Night photos of me as Rin Tohsaka, together with Kurama-90 as Archer (just in suit-style, but he is going to cosplay the normal Archer outfit). We made most of the pictures during the bookfair in Leipzig 2009.

Death Note

In this album I collect my Misa Amane pictures. Maybe I will have a Light someday. But until then I have to be Misa alone. The pictures were taken by my little sister and the location was our house.

Rosario + Vampire

Here are the pictures of my Kurumu Kurono cosplay together with other Rosario + Vampire cosplayers, like Kurama-90 as Ginei Morioka. And we will have a bigger group in the nearer future. We made pictures in different locations in Germany.