Keller , Texas
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Photoshoot - Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse! Photography by Brent; Special effects by Katarinia

Sock Monkeys!

Sockey Monkeys in Costume! Featuring Son Goku, Eeyore, Renissance, Panda and Sailor Moon!

YuleCon 09!

Here are photos from YuleCon 2009 Fort Worth, TX Photography by Brent

Slayers Try In Progress!

Slayers Try costume photos: Lina Inverse Gourry Xellos Filia

Ariathi Photoshoot

Private Photoshoot of original design - Ariathi. CG added for "mage" effects. Photography by Brent.


Pictures from Yulecon Friday and Saturday (December 5-6, 2008) Fort Worth, Texas

Wig Fun!

Practicing with Wigs! Negima forming spikes and Green / Blue creating curls / ponytail with hot steam!

Project A-kon 14

It's amazing what you find again cleaning up your apartment! Here are some photos from (yes) Akon 14! Mind the disposable camera quality. :(

Project A-kon 19

Photos taken from Akon-19 May 31st, 2008