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Ashley Gharam - Resident Evil 4

Neon Genocide was Leon Kennedy with me for this! These were originally created for an RE4 MTV shoot/interview for their show "Obsessed" in 2005. We were part of a larger group including our pal G-chan, who arranged the event.

Berserker Rikku

Completed in the summer of 2005. First worn to Anime Expo 2005.

Aya Brea - Parasite Eve

Aya's opera gown from Parasite Eve - my favorite video game of all time! Made in Fall 2005. First worn to Anime USA 2005.

Black and White Suspenders Ayane!

I can't think of any other name for this costume! haha. Made as a quick costume for Katsucon 2006.

Fesitval Rikku

The costume was made for me by Winters Knight as an exchange for making her fan prop thing. It was worn at Katsucon 2005 with her as Festival Paine.

Theif Rikku

Rikku's main costume from Final Fantasy X-2. Made in Winter 2005, and first worn to Ohayocon 2006 in January.

C4 Ayane

Ayane's C4 costume from Dead or Alive 4. A lot of this needs to be remade..since it's incredibly inaccurate due to the fact that I had no game to use as reference at the time! It was first worn to Anime Expo 2006.

Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy 8

I first made this costume in 2002 for Otakon, but I have since been revamping and improving upon it periodically. It is certainly my favorite costume ever, and I will never retire it! It's so much fun being Edea alongside Neon Genocide as Seifer!

Sorceress Ultimecia - Final Fantasy 8

My dream costume completed - August 2006. First worn at Otakon 2006. Too bad it's incredibly impractical to wear this thing. :(

Fuu/Fuujin - Kingdom Hearts 2

Made to go with Neon Genocide as KH2 Seifer for Otakon 2006.

Terra Branford - Final Fantasy 6

I originally wanted to finish this for Anime Expo 2006, but it ended up being debuted at Anime USA 2006 instead. It was SO much fun to make!! I can't wait to do another old school Final Fantasy character!

Fiona Belli - Haunting Ground

This game needs more love!! Completed in January 2007, and first worn to Ohayocon 2007.

Gun Mage Rikku

Made in January 2007. First worn to Ohayocon 2007 with Winters Knight as Gun Mage Paine and Heki Chan as Gun Mage Yuna.


Stuff i've made for friends or to sell.


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