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Houmei - Shining Wind

Debuted at Anime USA 2011 for skit fun!

Sorceress Edea 2011

Another freakin' re-make of this costume!

Queen Amila: Magna Carta Crimson Stigmata

A costume that I've wanted to make for over 4 years now. Finally made it! Super proud of it! woohoo!

Black skimpy Ayane costume thingy

A quick costume I threw together for Dragon Con 2010

Oerba Dia Vanille

Currently in Progress.

Ultmecia - Ex Mode from Final Fantasy Dissidia

It was annoying to make, and annoying to wear. But I still somehow love it to peices! Greiver is a cute black kitty who loves to eat bacon and susage!

Rakka - Haibane Renmei

Made for a group photoshoot at Katsucon 2010.

Treecko - Pokemon

Silly hoodie with a funny looking tail. Just made for hanging out and having fun at Katsucon 2010.

Baby Spice!

I was Baby Spice for a Spice Girls group at Dragon Con 2009 with awesome girls! It's all bought stuff and a borrowed wig, so nothing too special. It was really fun to run around in, but the shoes KILLED my feet!