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Shadow~Persona 3

A group cosplay of a Shadow that my little sissy and I created together. We got a bunch of our friends to go under it with us and stick their arms out as we showed up to the Dark Hour Photoshoot. :)

School Girls

Some scandalous photos of my friend and I in our very scantly clad school uniforms. My friend's mum bought them thinking they were normal Japanese school girl outfits, but we realized afterwards they were a little bit questionable. We still wore them thou

Ranma 1/2 group

Our Ranma 1/2 group we threw together last minute :) In it are the following cosplayers: HeroicKenshin, Miss Mijikai, morna, thebeak Here is a link to our skit we performed:

Costumes/Props I've made and/or I'm working on

A variety of costumes and props that I have made.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale cosplay

Nightmare before Christmas Jack and Sally

My little bra' and I doing a Jack and Sally cosplay together. It was fun! I made the pants my bra' is wearing and I also hand painted the entire backdrop that is behind us!

Kirdina the Elven Ranger

Some pics of me in my elf garb. I created Kirdina the elf from a d&d character I played. She is a wild elf, uses bow, short sword, is of the class ranger, protects the forests from those who mean it harm. The flute you see in some of the pics is her trave

Battle Royale Group

Our Battle Royale Group for Setsucon 2008.

Aerith/Aeris and Tifa

Myself as Aerith and a fellow cosplayer Miss Mijikai as Tifa


My Aerith/Aeris cosplay

Batman Villains

A group of my friends and I cosplaying Batman villains. We had Two-Face/Harvey Dent, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and a female version of the Riddler!