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Termariel Nardane Metztili as minion

Termariel in her most honest and real form, the minion and slave that she is. Also known as Gabby, Silma or Lindel

Buso Renkin

The Buso Renkin cosplay group at Otakon 09


Christie from Dead or Alive ( DOA ) Beach Volleyball along with some new friends she acquired during the Otakon 09 Beach Swimsuit Photoshoot

Kira & Jen dark Crystal

Kira & Jen from the movie The Dark Crystal

Kaima Linn

Kaima from the Sega Dreamcast fighting game "Kenka No Jigoku"

Termariel Nardane Metztili (in Gabby mode)

A tiefling bard who while trying to rescue her little brother was murdered by a darkness overtaking the lands. She was brought back to life and is now forced to do whatever commanded of her by this darkness.

Nanahara & Noriko (Pot-Lid and Binoculars)

The cutest two characters from Battle Royale movie

Kirdina- Possessed Form

These are a few pics I got of my first attempt as Dina, the possessed form of my D&D character Kirdina. Long story short, a demon possessed her body, friends get magick manacles to keep her from harming them, a quest ensues to find a healer.

O-Ren Ishii

O-Ren Ishii from the sweetest movie ever Kill Bill!

Lina Inverse Slayers

Lina Inverse from Slayers

Tina Armstrong DOA

Tina Armstrong from the video game DOA in her beach volleyball outfit. There was a wonderful photographer at the photo shoot who took some really great pictures and then let me have them :)