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Dante -Female-

One of my favorite games deserves a cosplay. Half-demons need love too even though they wear hot leather and a whole lotta buckles.

Kimono - Aki

I had wanted a kimono for a long time but I'm so tall I figured I'd never find one I liked. But then I remember I had some fabric stashed from a sale a few years previous that I had no plans for. Ta-da, made a kimono and obi for myself.

Megacon 08

Sunday only. I was too busy running about to remember the camera on Saturday. But lots of you were nice looking.

Harry Pottermania

Witness my inane love of Potter paraphernalia . Quidditch Jacket, Potter Puppet Pals, broom, ect

Claudia Grant

Chief weaponry officer of the SDF Macross and girlfriend (in the first interracial anime couple I had ever seen) to Roy Fokker

Zoë Alleyne Washburne

1st mate of the Firefly Class ship Serenity and wife to Hoban "Wash" Washburne.

The Rose Bride

The enigmatic bride of the duels.

Anthy Himemiya

The lovely but strange schoolgirl of Ohtori Academy.

Princess Pluto

The princess of Castle Charon. Sailor Pluto's more elegant form.

Dark Duelist Anthy

Anthy can duel for her own fate. Based off of the White Duelist Utena art.

Special Effects

Lets see what nifty things I can CG

Ye Olde Times

Old stuff from way back in the day

In Progress

Parts of uncompleted fun!