Evil Bishounen


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Sebastian ("Black" persona)

...Danger and despair at the Noah's Ark Circus... That butler, how delightful


...the most awesome villain in the Final Fantasy series

Elegant Gothic Demon

...an original fantasy / EGA costume


...the devious, snarky little bastard from The World Ends With You

Kuchiki Byakuya

...6th Division captain from Bleach

Yakushiji Tenzen

...from the anime series Basilisk: Kouga Ninpouchou

Orochimaru, gallery 2

...flashback costume from the Naruto anime; men's kimono with huge f*'n sleeves

Gift and commission projects

Stuff I've made for other people (non-jewelry)

Jewelry projects

Metalworking and jewelry projects I've done, separate from my own costumes.

Zelgadis (old costume)

...from The Slayers anime

Hamel (old costume)

...from the Violinist of Hameln manga


...the hero from Secret of Mana

Pip Bernadette

...from the Hellsing manga

JENOVA Experiment #9

...one of those mumbling robed freaks from Final Fantasy VII

Orochimaru, gallery 1

...from the Naruto anime/manga; indigo yukata with snake designs and pink haori