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Janice Yeoman Rand

Star Trek Exhibition at Gandharia City.

King Thranduil

A tribute for King Thranduil. This would be my last cosplay. I adjust my Thranduil costume. Because I love blink2, I put the swarovski. It just like shiny a star, everytime I wake up in the morning, their glow and my bedroom has so many rainbow XDD LOL

Tamaki Kitakouji

Graduation Hakama version. Tamaki Kitakouji from Haikara san Ga Tooru.

Padme Amidala

I'm curious to p-19\'s dress pattern, so I made one. Instead, I didn\'t use any pattern at all. This is so hard to make because I can\'t find the proper fabric, or color etc TT.TT It\'s so way out of perfection :( But still, I love this dress, the way it

Chii Chobits

Yukata version.

Lily Potter

Lily Potter or Lily Evans when she was young in Hogwatrs.

Vampire Knight

Manga. Hino Matsuri. The first time, I don't have to sewing with my hand ^^/ I'm so happy because I can buy it. Finally, I can bought costume instead of making them XDD

Taisinoh Fujin or Toba Matsuri from Sohryuden

I fall in love the first time I laid my eyes on the illustration by Clamp. In the Process

Barbie Adventure

Everytime I was cosplay as blonde girl character, everyone thought that I was cosplay as Barbie. So , there I was cosplay as Barbie, now everyone thought that I cosplay as Lady Gaga

James Potter

Sweater Quidditch : Denans Shopp Wig : Ryuuta Chan Tongkat : Adie-Karmel Flamel Indocybwizard Kacamata : Kelontong Sihir Tks

Andromeda (Black) Tonks

Andromeda Black (Tonks) When she was young and dating Ted Tonks ;P I guess XD

Narcissa Black from Harry Potter books

Narcissa Black from Harry Potter books (J.K Rowlings) I can READ. I love the book and I read the description of Narcissa in Harry Potter's books. Sorry, I don't agree with Narcissa's dalmation hair-cruella-de-ville-disney from Harry Potter -the movies

Queen Susan Pevensie Coronation Dress

Pretty Confused. I made it because I'm curious as usual. It took me, 3 weeks to finished it :) I made a wrong decisions and mistakes on the making of the pattern. I share my work and hope you'll learn from my mistakes. Thank You ^^ *hug all*

Sunsun from Bleach Anime

Sunsun is one of Tia Hallibel's subordinates. I made her to company my dearest friend - Magami31. She would become Tia Hallibel and I'm is Sunsun :) Insya Allah, wish our luck :) I made the dress in 5 days. Sewing it with my hand. The cloth was t

Arwen Angel Dress and Evenstar

Date: 8 May 2011 Event : Indonesia Cosplay Gathering Place: JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta