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War of the Roses

Ibara from Polaris 22; haruharu as Kasumi, Oselle as Shasta, Baensidhe as Lace, Mriswith as Bond, me as Midi; most photos thanks to Stillvisions

Gotta Catch'em All

Pokemon Gijinka costumes from AN08; Heatran and Slugma (or, the looks-like-but-isn't-Asuka costume) from the bf and I, with friends

A Wonderland of Adventure

Photos of Alice (Princess Princess Premium [artbook] cover Izumi Tomoe) and the Caterpillar (original design).

Ad Astra 2008

Photos from AA 08 - Friday to Sunday

Royalty in Ruffles: The Western Princess

Shihoudani Yuujirou, from Princess Princess (anime). Gotta love dressing up as boys who dress like girls.

I'm With Stupid

The one-shot costume of a "Nazgul" thrown together for a really silly skit that was masquerade filler. Skit won "Best Humour" at Ad Astra 2007. Oselle = Eowyn, Mriswith = "I'm a Nazugl"

Flower Power

Rith/Reith from Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata (Tears of Blood), CG version

Kurenai no Kaze

Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata CG version Calintz in his hopeful butt-feather glory


Photos from the Kawanakajima battle reenactment in Yamanashi-ken, April 16th, 2005. I attended with c.com member Supremeronin and 11 other buds. A great time was had defending Takeda Shingen's territory from Uesugi Kenshin. Go Unit 1 of Kaze team!


BLEACH - Ise Nanao photos. That outfit is really versatile. And I love being able to see. XD


Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies. [暗部 【あんぶ】 (n) dark side (of nature, town, etc)]

Wings Innocent

Comiket 66 (2004): Cute winged-pseudo-catboys from Wings Innocent, a yaoi-boys-love game (or something). I'm not nearly as cute as Dawn. Proud of my wings, though. ^-^

Rave On, Rave On, Rave On!

Raver Asuka, based on the Pinky Cos: Raver Asuka figurine by Pinky Street. Worn at Comiket 66 with buds as Raver Rei (Pinky Cos based), Raver Gendo (Original), and Raver Shinji (original)

An Angel To Watch Over You

Trisha Elric, from Comiket 66.

Easy Breezy Japanesey

Pics from the kitsuke taikais I have attended, myself and friends in kimono, other kimono accessories (obis, hakama, yukata, etc).